• 2023-05-06
    Fire linkage dystem testing inspection and maintenance is the guarantee for fire alarm system to work normally, we listed 10 specific job contents.
  • 2023-04-10
    Carbon monoxide is a dangerous, colorless, odorless gas. The air circulation in the basement and underground parking garage is bad, excessive concentration of harmful gases harm human body. This article talks about carbon monoxide detector installation re
  • 2023-02-16
    Shipboard fire often happens, and installing a set of fire alarm and suppression systems on the ship is rather important. This article will introduce reasons for shipboard fire, ASENWARE one-stop shipboard fire equipment, emergency plan for shipboard fire
  • 2022-12-12
    The conventional fire alarm system is the most common fire alarm system in commercial buildings. Although nowadays, with technology developing, there are other fire alarm systems like addressable fire alarm system, wireless fire alarm system, etc. for peo
  • 2022-11-01
    There are some common gas suppression systems, like FM-200 gas suppression system and CO₂ gas suppression system, etc. FM-200 gas suppression system can be divided into hanging type gas suppression system, cabinet type gas suppression system and manifold
  • 2022-10-28
    The following are the different types of the Fire Alarm System, Conventional fire alarm system,Addressable fire alarm system ,Wireless fire alarm system
  • 2022-10-10
    Once there is a fire, it is easy to have the situations like untimely firefighting, which may eventually lead to major loss of property. Knowing how to install and debug the fire alarm system is important. You should do the preparation and know the steps
  • 2022-09-26
    Horn strobe is a fire alarm device that sends out warning signals through alarm sounds and flashing lights. It is suitable for installing in public places. There should be horn strobes in each fire compartment, and they should be installed at the exits of
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