• 2022-09-26
    Horn strobe is a fire alarm device that sends out warning signals through alarm sounds and flashing lights. It is suitable for installing in public places. There should be horn strobes in each fire compartment, and they should be installed at the exits of
  • 2022-09-20
    The loop card is a platform that provides circuit wiring for fire alarm devices. Usually, loop cards are required for a fire alarm control panel connected with a large number of components. Some of the loop cards are also divided into single-loop cards an
  • 2022-09-20
    Fire Alarm Annunciator panel and floor identification sign are both indicating the specific floors. The annunciator panel should be installed in every fire compartment. Floor identification sign belongs to the evacuation systems. The difference between th
  • 2022-09-16
    The backup battery of the fire alarm control panel means the battery that provides backup power to the panel. If the backup battery power supply fails, you need to check if the battery, the battery terminals, the fuse, the switch of the backup battery or
  • 2022-08-15
    The isolator module of the fire alarm control system is a modular device connected to the loops. When the bus fails, the isolator module can isolate the faulty bus part from the whole system, making sure that other parts of the system can work normally. T
  • 2022-07-25
    The fire is affected by the type of combustible substances, the nature of the fire, the environment conditions, the ambient temperature, and the supply of fresh air. According to different situations, people should choose different types of smoke detector
  • 2022-07-25
    If the dust collects both inside and outside of the smoke detector, it will stop the smoke detector from detecting smoke correctly, and may even make it send a false alarm to the panel. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining the smoke detector regularly is r
  • 2022-07-25
    The number of smoke detectors installed in a detected area should not be less than the calculated value of the following formula
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