Fire Linkage System Testing Inspection and Maintenance
1. Check and test whether the linkage function of the fire positive pressure blower (smoke exhaust fan) and the positive pressure air supply valve (smoke exhaust valve) is normal.
2. Test whether the fire damper function and linkage signal function of the air conditioning ventilation system and exhaust system are normal.
3. Test whether the signal function of the artificial forced landing of the fire elevator is normal.
4. Test whether the signal of the forced landing on the first floor and interlock signal of the non-fire elevator are normal.
5. Test whether the signals of the corresponding control screens of the fire control centers of the above linkage mechanisms are normal.
6. Test whether the automatic cut-off function of the non-fire-fighting power supply of each floor is normal.
7. Check whether the function of the test linkage alarm bell is normal.
8. Check whether the function of the test linkage broadcast is normal.
9. Test whether the on-site and remote start-stop control functions of the positive pressure blower (exhaust fan) are normal.
10. Maintain the positive pressure blower (smoke exhaust fan) and positive pressure supply air valve (smoke exhaust valve) regularly, add lubricating oil to the rotating parts and adjust the tightness of the fan belt.