2100/2189 series Addressble Fire Alarm System
AW-AFP2100 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
Product overview

The AW-AFP2100 series control panel (linkage type) (fire alarm control panel) is a new generation product launched by ASENWARE. In order to adapt to the needs of engineering design, the fire alarm control panel is designed with a linkage control function that enables it to be flexibly used with other related products from ASENWARE to form a fire alarm and linkage integrated control system. It is particularly suitable for applications in large and medium-sized fire alarm and linkage integrated control systems.

The AW-AFP2100 series addressable control panel is a dual wire analog bus system. It can replace the conventional fire alarm system to save 50% or more cables.

The AW-AFP2100 series addressable control panel is an advanced, perfect and reliable system, which is designed for big porjects, has been used in many countries.

Product Features
  1. New generation high-speed microprocessor technology;
  2. Operating interfaces simulate the menus and interfaces of Windows;
  3. Non-polarity two-bus intelligent alarm linkage mode adoption;
  4. Controllable standard PS/2 computer keyboard and mouse as on-site programming devices;
  5. Each detector sensitivity adjustable;
  6. 7.4'LCD back-light display;
  7. Windows menu and inteface;
  8. English interface and panel display;
  9. CF card duplicate or reset system setup file and history file to facilitate maintenance;
  10. single point test of detector/module;
  11. Zone, building or floor integration and display;
  12. Graphic monitor system visually display the location of fire and trouble;
  13. Eleven users each with a password and selectable access levels;
  14. Field software upgrade;
  15. 20 AW-AFP2100 peer-to-peer, long-distance optical fiber transmission network via CAN communication transform module;
  16. Flexible collocation by modularized combination.
Technical parameters

  1. Each loop card has 2 loops, with 324 addresses as alarm/control points of each loop, the capacity of each loop card is 324*2=648(addresses);
  2. Each wall mounted AW-AFP2100 panel can be installed maximum 3 loop cards, the maxium capacity is 648*3=1944(addresses). Over 1944 addresses, use the cabinet panel, the cabinet panel can be installed maxium 40 loop cards, the maximum capacity is 648*40=25920(addresses);
  3. Peer-to-peer with max.20 AW-AFP2100 panels, the maxium system capacity: 25920*20=518400(addresses);
Maximum simultaneous alarm of each host:
  • Fire alarm: 500;
  • Trouble: 500;
  • Feedback: 500.
Operating evironment:
Temperature  -10℃~+55℃
Humidity ≤95%, 40℃,non-condensing
AC Power  AC220V, 50HZ,3A
DC Power  DC24V,7A