Horn Strobe Features and Installation Guide
The horn strobe is a fire alarm device in the industrial fire alarm system. It is an alarm signal device that sends out warning signals to people through alarm sounds and flashing lights. It is set up to meet the requirements of customers for alarm loudness and installation location.
The horn strobe can be applied in iron and steel metallurgy, telecommunication towers, hoisting machinery, construction machinery, ports, transportation, wind-power generation, ocean-going vessels, and other industries.
The horn strobe is suitable for installation in public places. When there is an accident like a fire, it can sound alarms and flash flashing lights to remind people of the dangerous situations.
The horn strobe can also be applied in hazardous places. For example, the explosion-proof horn strobe is suitable for IIC T6 explosive gas environments, and it can also be used outdoors. When an accident or fire occurs in the production area, the fire alarm control panel will send a control signal to the horn strobe to activate it, and the horn strobe will therefore give alarm sounds and flashing light to warn people. The horn strobe can also be used together with the manual call point.
Horn Strobe

Horn Strobe Features

1.It flashes brightly and the alarm sound is loud.
2.It is small and lightweight, easy and convenient to install.
3.It is durable, reliable and stable when working, and has low power consumption and long using life.
4.Its volume is high and therefore is easy to transmit the alarm sounds over long distances.

Horn Strobe Applications

1.The horn strobe is used for sound and flashing alarms when there is an accident and is suitable for places with low visibility or smoke.
2.The horn strobe can be used in fire alarm control systems, security monitoring alarm systems, and other fire alarm systems. It only needs to connect the power to work.
3.The horn strobe can be connected to the coded / analog fire alarm control system through the control module.
4.The horn strobe can be connected to the distributed intelligent automatic fire alarm control system through the intelligent control module.
5.The horn strobe can also be connected to the gas extinguishing fire alarm control system.

Horn Strobe Installation Requirement

1.There should be horn strobes in each fire compartment, and they should be installed at the exits of the corridor near the stairs on each floor.
2.In a protected area with multiple fire compartments, it is suggestible to choose a horn strobe with voice prompts, and the voice should be synchronized.
3.When installing more than one horn strobe in the same building, it should be able to turn on and turn off all horn strobes at the same time.

Horn Strobe Installation Notes

1.The probe of the horn strobe is mainly the detection element of the contact combustion type gas sensor. It is composed of aluminum oxide and adhesive coated on a platinum wire coil, and its outer surface is attached with rare metals like platinum and palladium. Therefore, you must be careful when installing the horn strobe, avoiding breaking the probe.
2.The installation height of the horn strobe should be above 1.8m, which will be convenient for the maintenance personnel to do daily maintenance jobs.
3.The horn strobe is a safety instrument with sound and light functions. It should be installed in a place where the staff can easily see and hear it, and therefore can solve potential safety problems in time.
4.There should be no devices that will have strong electromagnetic fields, like high-power motors or transformers, around the horn strobes, in case they will affect their work.