How To Maintenance Smoke Detector?
The ionization smoke detector mainly reports fire by monitoring the change of concentration of smoke. It is stable, advanced, and is widely applied in various fire alarm control systems. The performance of the ionization smoke detector is way better than that of the smoke detector using the gas-sensitive resistance.
The smoke detector has positive and negative ions generated by the inner and outer ionization chambers, and they move to the positive and negative electrodes due to the electric field. Normally, the current and voltage of the ionization chambers are stable. But once the smoke enters the outer ionization chamber, interfering with the movement of charged particles and destroying the balance between the inner and outer ionization chambers, the current and voltage will change. At this point, the wireless transmitter will send an alarm signal to the fire panel to notify the fire.

If the dust collects both inside and outside of the smoke detector, it will stop the smoke detector from detecting smoke correctly, and may even make it send a false alarm to the panel. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining the smoke detector regularly is really important.

How to maintain smoke detectors

1.Smoke Detector Test
It is recommended to test the smoke detector once a year and conduct a random inspection every three months, to check its detecting and alarm functions. If the smoke detector fails to alarm or the alarm is delaying, then the smoke detector needs to be changed or maintained.
Pay attention to the following aspects when testing the smoke detector:
  1. Record the address of the tested smoke detectors to avoid repeated testing.
  2. During smoke testing, record and summarize the delay of the detector alarm, in order to have a general understanding of the working status of the smoke detectors in the whole area.
  3. During smoke testing, you should check whether the address of the smoke detector is correct or not, and change it if it isn’t right. This can prevent sending the wrong messages to the panel when a fire occurs.

2.Notes of Maintenance Smoke Detector
The smoke detector should be cleaned by professionals, for some smoke detectors might have radioactive atoms that will harm the human body, such as the Americium-241. If such smoke detectors are cleaned by non-professionals, it may actually harm the environment and the human body. Furthermore, lots of companies don’t have the cleaning conditions themselves:
  1. The company is hard to control on-site anti-static work.
  2. The quality of ultrasonic deionized water for cleaning can’t be guaranteed, and the company doesn’t have the conditions for water production.
  3. The company doesn’t have a place for dehydration and drying of the smoke detector.
  4. The threshold value of the smoke detector after cleaning can’t be quantitatively calibrated, and it is impossible to detect whether the threshold value of the smoke detector meets the requirements.
Therefore, companies using smoke detectors should find professionals to clean the smoke detectors at least every three years, to make sure that the smoke detectors can work normally.

During the use of ASENWARE's smoke detectors, it is also necessary to test them and clean their dust regularly, in order to keep the smoke detectors working and ensure their service lives, helping them serve people better.